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John Alexander

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How to Flip Discounted Notes 

How to Buy and Sell Discounted Notes $9.99

John Alexander has taught thousands of people how to buy discounted notes since 1994. Thousands have used this information to learn the note buying business. In it you will learn how to find and flip "notes" to professional note buyers. You become the "Middleman" in the transaction. You will learn how to own and run your own note flipping business from home. Typical note documents used to sell notes are included.

Foreclosure Investing

Flipping Foreclosures Deals | Including all the Docs $9.99

This is a complete course on how to flip pre-foreclosures. This Book covers how to wholesale flip, lease/option, and contract for deed pre-foreclosures and flip them to an end-buyer or long-term hold investor. It comes with all forms and contracts needed to flip homes using these methods including links to Word Doc forms that can be edited and customized.
Optional Land Trust Documents Included.

Millionaire Mind Programming

How to Release your Inner Millionaire $9.95.

People don't become Millionaires by accident. The mind produces millionaires when it has the correct programming. In many ways, the mind is like a computer. 
You can run almost any kind of software (programming) in a computer or a mind and you will always get a similar outcome. Programming the mind to be a millionaire requires two processes. One is to stop any existing Bad Programming the mind is currently running and to begin the process of running the Correct Programming.

Millionaire Mind Programming Daily Planner 

Achieve Your Goals $8.95

This is not your ordinary Daily Planner, it's a hundred times more powerful. This is a tool that is capable of changing your entire future. It is a tool that can program your mind to deliver you anything, anyone, take you anywhere, or give you any kind of lifestyle that you can conceive. size: 8.5'x11' 

The Ultimate Napkin

Grow Your MLM Business $4.95

This is the ultimate networker's tool for exploding your downline. So POWERFUL, we can almost predict what this book will do for your business... 10% of your prospects receiving this book will join your network marketing business within 30 days. 15% more will join within 3 months.


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